Supporting your success on the WEB (website, visibility, digital strategy)

True to its slogan “The WEB at your fingertips”, Proximity WEB Pro will help you create your customised website, but above all, we will support you in the life and evolution of your website.

At Proximity WEB Pro, putting your new site online is not an end in itself, it’s where everything starts to be visible on your markets, by your prospects and customers.

Monitoring and developing your site, its visibility (its positioning on key words and expressions) are our priority for the best possible ROI (Return on Investment) for your site. What’s the point of having the most beautiful site possible if it is not visible to your potential customers!

To this end, we set up a precise statistical monitoring of accesses and activity of Internet users on your site. You can consult it at any time via your client access on our site and this allows us, during our regular meetings (at least once a quarter), to take stock and measure the effectiveness of your site, to refine your digital strategy…..

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