Boosting your visibility on the web, a major challenge

“Dynamic agency  and able to listen our desire.

We are happy to have a web site seems to us and our image

and perfectly adaptable.


Mme & M. Prades

Viticulture, Domaine Lévéjean

“Happy to work with professionals engaged, passionated, taking care of my needs and my budget.

From our cooperation, my business has growed in a significated way”

Stéphanie S

Gérante de l'établissement, La Coconnière

“A special thanks to Laurent TIXIER and Proximity WEB Pro to restart our website in a difficult context.

Top reactivity and  professionnalism  fited !

Don’t hesitate to contact them”

Virginie P

Présidente Conseils RH , Abeilles RH

Why better SEO?

Do you want to increase your turnover thanks to your visibility?
Do you need to increase the number of visitors to your website?
Proximity Web Pro has the solution!
Just contact us for a free diagnostic.

The work of our experts consists of using all the tools of SEO and SEA to enable you to increase your visibility and ensure better referencing for your website.

Whether it’s for a showcase site or an e-commerce site, it is important to use an adapted and efficient referencing method.
It is a fundamental work that only specialists can implement for an optimal result. In addition, we offer you a sustainable support with a contact person who listens to your project. An accessible after-sales service and quality personal follow-up.

Proximity WEB Pro offers you a diagnostic of your website. This diagnostic (or pre-audit) will be communicated to you so that you know what room for improvement there is in it.

Technical aspects :

To improve the visibility of a site it is important to understand what SEO and SEA are.

SEO definition: “Search Engine Optimisation” is the natural referencing that allows Google to rank sites according to their relevance to your requests (queries).

SEA definition: ” Search Engine Adversitting ” is the Google referencing allowing to buy keywords and to be visible quickly.

pre audit diagnostic gratuit proximity web pro agence digitale


NouProximity web pro vous aide à améliorer votre SEO SEA

The paid site audit will give you  :

  • Details of the positive or negative points for the SEO of your site
  • Personalized recommendations
  • A keyword strategy established together
  • Competitive analysis

Following the intervention of Proximity WEB Pro’s SEO team, the number of visitors to your site will increase, and consequently so will your turnover. A better visibility of your site will lead to the acquisition of new customers.

Partenariat avec YOODA live data solutions



The visibility of your site, its referencing as we say by default of language, its positioning mainly on the search engine Google for the key words or expressions of your sector, for your activities are a priority axis of work for the sites of our customers.

To this end, we rely on :

  • our expertise acquired over many years
  • our constant technical and functional monitoring of this constantly evolving field
  • and the Yooda tools, of which we are a partner

Partnership, active participation and monitoring at major SEO events: SEO Camp, WEB Performance, TeknSEO in Geneva.

SEO CAMP association du référencement



Partenariat WEB performance référencement digitale

We are an active member of the SEO CAMP association, the referencing association.

We provide SEO services for sites created by other agencies for our clients.
As a result, we integrate the issue of visibility and referencing from the design of a site, which is a guarantee of greater efficiency.

For any need, often specific in this matter, contact us for a better referencing.


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