Your visibility, it is our profession


Internet site creation and referencing

Our agency is hiring in a GREEN IT way, that mean renforce environment protection into our numeric practises. We are working with eco-responsible partners, and if possible local ones, as INFOMANIAK  we are collaborating with, he is the hosting registar at the moment the greener in Europe.

Within ht ecompany we are limiting our consummation thanks to green suppliers. We are also engaged in scrap sorting and recycliong.


Faithful to our base line « Le WEB à votre portée », any Proximity WEB Pro site creation is linked to a personnalized training to have a good understanding of the web environment, to exchange with business colleagues and more than ever to give you autonomy to update your site and to improve it. Due to our DATADOCK referencing and QUALIOPI partner, all our trainings can be payed by your OPCO.

Your visibility, it is our profession


We propose you our creation, referencing and extended support services during your web site life. From the online publication, all the online steps of your web site are supported with us. For a show-room site, an e-business site  or any specific web-applications, we  support you in your project.


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We are supporting

They trusted in us

“Dynamic agency  and able to listen our desire.

We are happy to have a web site seems to us and our image

and perfectly adaptable.


Mme & M. Prades

Viticulture, Domaine Lévéjean

“Happy to work with professionals engaged, passionated, taking care of my needs and my budget.

From our cooperation, my business has growed in a significated way”

Stéphanie S

Gérante de l'établissement, La Coconnière

“A special thanks to Laurent TIXIER and Proximity WEB Pro to restart our website in a difficult context.

Top reactivity and  professionnalism  fited !

Don’t hesitate to contact them”

Virginie P

Présidente Conseils RH , Abeilles RH

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